947 2nd Ave E, Owen Sound, ON | N4K2H5 5193721130 info@themilkmaidcheese.ca | Monday - Thursday: 10-6 | Friday: 10 - 9 | Saturday: 9 - 5| Sunday: Closed

Eat In

Fresh Baking
Daily baked in-house scones, cookies, brownies and locally sourced biscotti.

Baguette Sandwich
Rotating selection of artisanal cured meats with select cheese, and in-house condiments.

Cheese Boards
Small and large boards featuring a selection of cheese, in-house crostini, and accompaniments.

Optional additions of sliced cured meats, olives, and chocolate.

Locally roasted, fair trade & organic coffee.
Ontario wine.
Ontario craft beer.
Local cider.
Seasonal cocktails.

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